Baby Kyton

We are thrilled to introduce our little boy Kyton to you.  Throughout the pregnancy, I blogged pictures and a few stories of our preparation for our little one.

Below are some of my favorite posts including our baby boy.

Baby Favorites
Happy First Father's Day
Kyton's Birth Story
What I love about being a mom
Sergeant Kyton's Search for Milk
Two Beauties and My Boy
Comparing our baby pictures to Kyton
Pictures with Santa
If our babies could talk
Life will never be the same
Little Drummer Boy
Bye bye baby Ky

Baby Rearing Topics
Cloth Diapers
Baby led weaning hybrid
First attempts at solids

More Baby Pictures
Settling into the role of Grandpa
How did he get so big?
Baby faces

Picture a Day Project - 365 days of my boy
1 month in pictures
2 months in pictures
3 months in pictures

4 months in pictures

Month Summary
5 month post
6 month post
7 month post
8 month post
9 month post
10 month post
11 month post
1 year summary
(I wrote a summary of the month instead of picture of the day from 5 months on)

Happy First Birthday

Birthday party with friends
His actual birthday
Birthday party with family in Ohio
The big smash
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