About me

A little about my blog:
This is pretty much a mommy blog with pictures and stories of our life.  I started my blog as a way to practice photography and receive feedback on my work.  When I decided to pursue photography a little more seriously it became a place that I could show clients their photos.  While I still post the occasional client's photos, my main focus is our sweet life with my son Kyton.

Carly -me
I am from Ohio, but now live in Orlando Florida with my husband and infant son.  I am lucky to have a job that I enjoy as an elementary school teacher.  I'm a christian, striving to live my life for the lord.  In my spare time I love photography, exercise, cooking and baking. I've started a small side business taking pictures of families, babies, portraits, wedding, events.

Dylan- My Husband
My husband and I have been married since July of 2006  We met in college just outside the chapel where we were introduced by a mutual friend.  I am incredibly lucky to be married to a great friend who always makes me laugh.  Dylan has so many talents from his acting and singing abilities to being an amazing rock drummer.  He is also a wonderful model and appears in many of my pictures.

Kyton - My boy
I am so in love with his sweet chubby cheeks and smile.  Kyton was born in June of 2011.  I have a whole page dedicated to my favorite blog posts of this sweet boy.  He's a red head with so much personality for his young age.  We are absolutely in awe that we've been so blessed.

Our life:
On the weekend Dylan  and I are very involved in our church where he plays drums in the band.  When we have a free weekend, I love to travel, and Dylan comes along.  There are so many great weekend vacation spots in Florida that we will never run out of trips. We generally rough it, and tent camp.  When we can't get out for the whole weekend we head to the beach, take hikes, bike or snorkel  Pretty much anything to spend  time outdoors and together.
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