Wednesday, October 2, 2013

When Daddy’s Not Home- Part 2

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I was looking at the mobile uploads I make to facebook the other day and I realized that about half of my pictures involve Kyton covered in water.  Sometimes planned, other times not.  He loves water.  I gave him a cup, turkey baster and an ice cube tray and let him go to town.  I needed to mop the floor anyways, so the extra water was not a big deal. 
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 If you did not catch part 1 earlier in the week be sure to check it out.
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At the end of the school year I brought the beans to school to see if my students were interested.  To my surprise it was a huge hit among the 9 year olds I teach.  I only let them play during “Fun Friday,” which means they had all of their work done and were on target for their reading goal.  My students were extra motivated to complete their work so they could sort the beans, measure the beans and pretend to cook.  You always think of sensory activities with young children, but forget the value for older kids. 
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One thing I have discovered after working with kids is that they like to push the boundaries.  My goal was to avoid having beans all over my floor, so I told Kyton that he was not to get any beans out of the plastic bin.  Since he’s 2 and does not have the best coordination there were beans that ended up in the pool, but the clean-up was super easy. 
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He enjoyed dumping the beans through the funnel and did have to be reminded a few times that he would not be able to play if he could  not keep the beans in the bin.  When he was finished I dumped the beans into a gallon zipper bag for easy storage.  That way I can use the bin for other sensory textures and not take up much space. 
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Do your kids or grandkids, any age, enjoy playing with household items?

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Pat Tillett said...

We have 5 kids and every one of them LOVED to play with pots and pans.
Great photos Carly!

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