Monday, September 23, 2013

Kyton’s “Nani” tablet

Kids are amazing.  This kid is 2 years old and is fluent in tablet use.  He has his own tablet, yet Dylan and I do not have one.  (Dylan borrows Kyton’s tablet when he plays drums to run the click track.)  He calls it his “Nani” actually called a Nabi
tablet (4 of 7).jpgtablet (5 of 7).jpg
I love that the tablet had a kid mode so that we can choose age appropriate apps for Kyton and still use the adult features ourselves.
tablet (1 of 1).jpg
He knows how to turn on, and unlock the tablet.  He know where all his favorite puzzles, counting and car games are located.  He has home videos of himself that he often watches as well as some Magic School Bus, Sid the Science Kid and Reading Rainbow.
tablet (3 of 7).jpg
As if having your own tablet at the age of two is not enough he borrows my phone so that he can work on both at the same time. 
tablet (2 of 7).jpg
I think back to when I was this age and my dad wrote a computer program for me teaching me the letters on what is now considered a dinosaur computer. 
tablet (1 of 7).jpg
Anyone else have kids or grandkids that gravitate toward these devices?

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