Monday, September 30, 2013

This is what happens when daddy is not home!

making a mess (15 of 18).jpg
Dylan pretty much can’t stand messes.  Our 2 year old loves messes. 
making a mess (18 of 18).jpgmaking a mess (16 of 18).jpgmaking a mess (14 of 18).jpg
Why Dylan is home we try to keep it under control, but when he’s away we have some fun!
making a mess (17 of 18).jpgmaking a mess (12 of 18).jpg
This time it was a $1 can of shaving cream on our dirty outside table. 
making a mess (11 of 18).jpgmaking a mess (10 of 18).jpgmaking a mess (9 of 18).jpgmaking a mess (7 of 18).jpg

It was all over his hair, hands and clothes. 
making a mess (6 of 18).jpgmaking a mess (5 of 18).jpgmaking a mess (4 of 18).jpg
Sometimes Dylan comes home and notices elements of our fun, but never sees the mess.
making a mess (3 of 18).jpg
I don’t think he truly knows how much of a mess we sometimes make!  (On the big messes I don’t take pictures for fear that my camera would be hurt in the process.)
making a mess (2 of 18).jpgmaking a mess (1 of 18).jpg
The results?  One happy boy!

making a mess (8 of 18).jpgCome by on Wednesday for part 2 and to see some of the other messes we've made!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Whale Watching on the ‘Cali’ Coast

I found these from our trip to California for my sister’s wedding.  We had a great experience whale watching off the coast of California near Laguna Beach.

whale watching (1 of 10).jpg

After consulting my younger sister, who spent a lot of time at SeaWorld when she was younger, I have the names of the whales.

whale watching (2 of 10).jpgwhale watching (3 of 10).jpg

Pacific Common Dolphins

whale watching (4 of 10).jpgwhale watching (5 of 10).jpg

Grey Whales

whale watching (6 of 10).jpg

whale watching (7 of 10).jpgwhale watching (10 of 10).jpg

whale watching (8 of 10).jpg

Fin Whales

whale watching (9 of 10).jpg

Have you ever seen these whales?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Kyton’s “Nani” tablet

Kids are amazing.  This kid is 2 years old and is fluent in tablet use.  He has his own tablet, yet Dylan and I do not have one.  (Dylan borrows Kyton’s tablet when he plays drums to run the click track.)  He calls it his “Nani” actually called a Nabi
tablet (4 of 7).jpgtablet (5 of 7).jpg
I love that the tablet had a kid mode so that we can choose age appropriate apps for Kyton and still use the adult features ourselves.
tablet (1 of 1).jpg
He knows how to turn on, and unlock the tablet.  He know where all his favorite puzzles, counting and car games are located.  He has home videos of himself that he often watches as well as some Magic School Bus, Sid the Science Kid and Reading Rainbow.
tablet (3 of 7).jpg
As if having your own tablet at the age of two is not enough he borrows my phone so that he can work on both at the same time. 
tablet (2 of 7).jpg
I think back to when I was this age and my dad wrote a computer program for me teaching me the letters on what is now considered a dinosaur computer. 
tablet (1 of 7).jpg
Anyone else have kids or grandkids that gravitate toward these devices?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

10 awesome things about Kyton

10 things (3 of 11).jpg
10. After seeing my sister’s dog this summer he loves dogs and gets upset when I won’t stop running, take him out of the stroller and let him pet the dog.  He gets super excited when we are out and someone lets him pet their dog.
9. He is in love with basketball after playing while we were up north.  He begs me to go the the gym so that he can play basketball in the kids club.
10 things (11 of 11).jpg
8. When he hurts us he is super sweet and apologetic.  He stops what he is doing and says sorry mommy, kisses the hurt area and sometimes even gets an ice pack out of the freezer. 
7. He wants to do every thing by himself.  He proudly announces. “Mommy, I did it!” and demands “by myself” before doing something.  He asks to help as he did before, but then insists he wants to do it solo.  When he gets excited he yells "whoo-hoo!" The best part is that everything excites him.  Broccoli for dinner?  "whoo-hoo!" The cat is outside? "whoo-hoo!" Time for a diaper change? "whoo-hoo!"
10 things (10 of 11).jpg10 things (9 of 11).jpg
6. He is a sight to see in the grocery store.  He insists on pushing the shopping cart.  Of course this has to be done “By myself.”  If I try and guide the direction of the cart he gets upset.  “no mommy! By myself!”  He gets some speed going sometimes, but stops when I ask... by dropping to his knees and skidding. He loves holding open the doors of the freezer sections and putting the groceries in the cart.  By about half way through the store I usually have to put him in the cart because he’s just too much. 
5. He looks out for fire trucks and buses everywhere we go.  I’m actually surprised at how often we see them.  The other day we were coming home and had not seen a fire truck. As we were turning down the street 3 fire trucks were racing down the street. So exciting!  Only they stopped in front of our house!  Fortunately the neighbors across the street had a fire detector that was malfunctioning, so it was not a real emergency.  It truly made Kyton’s day.
10 things (2 of 11).jpg10 things (1 of 11).jpg
4. He’s actually getting good at stopping at the street and looking both ways for cars.  We practice this all the time, and he is getting the routine down.  He can identify our cars by their model regardless of the color.  It throws me off sometimes because I think of my dad’s car as being silver.  Kyton notices all Toyota Prius cars and says “beep-beep like grandpa.”
3. He’s a little too smart for us.  Today Dylan walked in his room to find him standing on a stool that he placed on his bed so that he could reach his mobile that hangs over his head.
10 things (7 of 11).jpg10 things (6 of 11).jpg
2. He loves to sing. His current favorite is from the pirates ride at the Magic Kingdom.  "yo-ho, yo-ho pirate me!"  He also loves 'the ABC song,' 'Oh my Soul,' 'The Farmer in the Dell,'  'Old MacDonald had a Farm,' and a goofy song I made up about pizza.
1. He is such a sweet cuddly boy.  For such an active guy you would think that we would not get too many hugs, but he loves to stop what he is doing for hugs and kisses.  Sometimes he just wants to be held.  I still lay with him to go to sleep at night and he loves having my arms around him.  It doesn't get any better than cuddling with my little man.
10 things (5 of 11).jpg10 things (4 of 11).jpg
He is officially 2 years and 3 months today! We stopped counting, so I had to figure it out.

Monday, September 16, 2013

No cats were harmed in the making of this blog!

There once was a boy named Kyton who loved the neighborhood cat. No, you don’t understand.  He REALLY LOVED the cat. 
the cat (1 of 19).jpgthe cat (2 of 19).jpg
He would hug the cat every chance he got and loved to “Pick you up Kitty!”
the cat (3 of 19).jpgthe cat (4 of 19).jpg
Fortunately for Kyton the cat was a super patient cat. He had all of his claws and a lot of street smarts.  Undoubtedly he could escape Kyton’s grasp in a second if he wanted to.
the cat (5 of 19).jpgthe cat (6 of 19).jpg
Kyton knew that being the neighborhood cat must be exhausting and helped the kitty by carrying his upper torso around the yard. 
the cat (7 of 19).jpgthe cat (8 of 19).jpgthe cat (9 of 19).jpgthe cat (10 of 19).jpg
While the cat does make some humorous expressions sharing his feelings about his pint sized friend, he is always patient.
the cat (19 of 25).jpgthe cat (20 of 25).jpg
Kyton even invited the cat into his home for a visit. 
the cat (21 of 25).jpgthe cat (22 of 25).jpg
The cat was a gracious guest and stayed for a bit before excusing himself to go catch mice. 
the cat (23 of 25).jpgthe cat (24 of 25).jpg
the cat (11 of 19).jpgthe cat (25 of 25).jpg
After playing with Kyton for about 10 minutes the cat makes his way on to his regular visits with other neighbors. 
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