Monday, August 12, 2013

A Boy and his Keys

There once was a little boys who loved cars, trains, trucks and the thing that makes them all work… Keys.  He would ask his mom for the keys every time they left the house.  His mom let him have the keys after she locked the house.  The rule was that he could unlock the car door and put the keys in the ignition, but he was not allowed to start the car.  He was a pro at starting the car, but it make the mom nervous!

16 years old- (6 of 6).jpg16 years old- (5 of 6).jpg

One day while at home the little boy asked his mother to play with the keys.  She was trying to get some things done around the house and against her better judgment she let the little boy have the prized keys.  Knowing that the opportunity to play with the keys at home was a rarely the little boy hid the keys in a spot that only he knew. His mom searched his room and asked him where they were, but no luck.

16 years old- (3 of 6).jpg16 years old- (2 of 6).jpg

The little boy has an amazing memory and is great at remembering where he put things.  On numerous occasions the little boy has brought lost items to his mom.  This time he knew it was a secret that he could not share.    Now that the little boy has lost his mom’s keys he’s lost his privileges to unlock the car.  He is secretly plotting to get up in the night, retrieve the keys from the hiding spot and play in the car all by himself.

16 years old- (1 of 6).jpg16 years old- (4 of 6).jpg

True story!  Any suggestions on where to look?

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Katy said...

LOL Oh No! I can only imagine panic setting in. My phone was hidden one time. And so far only once ;)

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