Monday, August 19, 2013

2 years 2 months

Kyton is still very active, but just as my mom predicted he has gotten easier in the last few months.  He seems to really understand what we are telling him, and he also grasps the consequences.  I always get great reports from anyone who watches him, which is always a surprise to me.  As long as he has a good outlet for his energy he is fine, so we stay busy.
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He is still very social.   He loves going to the childcare in the gym. When I pick him up he asks me to come in every time and introduces me to his friends that he has made and shows me how much fun he’s had playing basketball. 
He loves trains, cars and trucks.  He can identify cars that are the same model as daddy’s while in his car seat when they are going the opposite direction, even when they are different colors.  I don’t even think I can do that!
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He seems to have a very large vocabulary, but not the articulation to be easily understood.  For the most part I know what he is staying, and Dylan and others understand the majority of time.  Other times it is apparent that he is really saying something, but I have no idea what.  His favorite phrases at the moment are  “How do you open?”  “Oh no” “keys please” and come here, pronounced "mere."  He loves singing the worship song by 10,000 reasons Matt Redman "Oh my soul."  He asks for "more oh my soul."  He loves to pray before meals, and sometimes during meals, and at the end of meals.
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It’s crazy how he picks up our mannerisms. The other day he asked for the food pantry to be opened, then he stood at the door staring inside, tapping on a shelf saying “let’s see… What do you want to eat?”  He sure knows when he’s being funny or cute and he knows how to grab attention in the situation…. I wonder where he get’s that from?  (Dylan is an actor) At the moment every color is green.  At the library they did an activity where they pretended every color was green, and the kids had to correct the color.  I wonder if that confused him.
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We are so lucky to have such a sweet boy with such a big personality!

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~JarieLyn~ said...

Yes, you are very lucky and he is so cute.

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