Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kyton is 2 Years Old Today!

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I am in awe daily of the amazing little boy that God has given us to care for.  I think he must really trust us to give us such am amazing gift.  Kyton is full of personality and loves the limelight.  He has a number of funny faces that he pulls out to entertain.  He is very expressive and easily grabs attention of everyone we see either with his charming smile or his vibrant hair. 

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He has a very strong will, and a lot of determination to get what he wants.  When we go for a walk or shopping, he does not want to ride, but likes to push the stroller or cart.  He gets very upset if he catches me touching the cart or stroller.   He keeps us busy!

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He is full of energy and can run, and run, and run.  He loves being chased, and will turn around to make sure that he is being followed.  He squeals with delight when he realizes that we are chasing him.  He is getting pretty good at the playground equipment and recently conquered the curving ladder. 

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Kyton  used to eat anything, and still has a decent appetite, but recently he has become more opinionated about what he wants to eat and when.  He still eats everything that he ate before, but he has to be in the mood to eat that particular food.  Some night all he wants to eat are vegetables, other days it’s cheese that he wants.  I don’t worry much about it since he seems to balance out.

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He never seems to get tired and still sleeps only about 7 – 8 hours a night.  We wake him after an hour nap.  He has been sleeping through the night recently and in his own bed.  Sometimes he comes into my room in the morning about and hour before I wake up for extra snuggles.  I don’t mind at all.

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Most of what he says I can understand, but I’m sure it would be hard for others.  His favorite phrases are “oh no” “ready to go”  “wipe me down” “more please” “I love you” “oh mommy!”  “come here” and our favorite… “why?”  He talks all the time, and sings or babbles while riding in the car.  He learned his numbers to 10 about a month ago.  He knows the first part of the ABC song, and can finish a phrase if we stop in the middle of the song.  He uses the sweetest soft voice and asks “more singing please” over and over again.

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His favorite toys at the moment are his trains with trucks a close second. He hauls loads around the house all day long.  He loves looking at books, and prefers non-fiction.  His favorite books have trucks, tractors or trains.  He also loves seeing helicopters, fire trucks and motorcycles. 


Katy said...

These are such great pictures! He is so cute and smart! What a love! :)

Dina said...

Oh so sweet and amazing!!! I love watching little ones grow it is so powerful and such an amazing learning experiance!

~JarieLyn~ said...

Happy birthday to Kyton. These are great pictures and I noticed a long time ago that he has a big personality. He shines! :)

Pat Tillett said...

Happy Birthday! Getting cuter everyday...

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