Thursday, March 14, 2013

We could not find our son!

Kyton is a night owl, and we are getting too old (yep!) to stay up and party into the wee hours in the morning.  The other evening Dylan and I were both exhausted and as happens many nights, Kyton was running laps around the coffee table.  We were laying on the sofa watching him and dozing off.  At one point in time I realized that I no longer heard Kyton.  I woke Dylan and we both called his name and looked in all the rooms of our small house, but did not see him anywhere. 

After a bit of looking Dylan found him here…

lost boy (1 of 8).jpg


Can you see him?  I have no idea why, but he decided to crawl under his crib and fall asleep.

lost boy (2 of 8).jpg

For a second we thought about leaving him there since he was asleep, and getting him to sleep is always a challenge.  In the end we were worried that he’d wake up and hit his head, or somehow not know how to

get out.

  lost boy (3 of 8).jpg

Dylan moved the crib and got him out. 

lost boy (5 of 8).jpglost boy (7 of 8).jpg

Unfortunately it woke him up, but such is life.

lost boy (6 of 8).jpg

Ever lost your kid?

1 comment:

Christina said...

That is hilarious!!! I'm so glad you took pictures!

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