Friday, March 1, 2013

Ryan & Charlotte

These are the two cutest kids.  They both have great personality too!  Charlotte LOVES having her picture taken.  She’d say:

“Come over here and take my picture dancing.”
“ How about I twirl and you take my picture.” 
“Want me to hold this while you take my picture?”

Ryan is about a week older than Kyton so it was fun spending time with him. He is an adventurous boy too, and is not scared of anything.  We had the perfect afternoon for gorgeous photos.

Charlotte & Ryan-2.jpgCharlotte & Ryan-3.jpg

Charlotte & Ryan-1.jpgCharlotte & Ryan-5.jpg

Charlotte & Ryan-7.jpg Charlotte & Ryan-8.jpg Charlotte & Ryan-6.jpg

Charlotte & Ryan-9.jpgCharlotte & Ryan-11.jpg

Charlotte & Ryan-12.jpgCharlotte & Ryan-10.jpg

Charlotte & Ryan-13.jpgCharlotte & Ryan-14.jpg
Charlotte & Ryan-15.jpgCharlotte & Ryan-16.jpg

Charlotte & Ryan-17.jpgCharlotte & Ryan-18.jpg

Charlotte & Ryan-20.jpg

1 comment:

~JarieLyn~ said...

Great pictures, Carly. They are so fresh and sharp. You did a fantastic job capturing their personalities and fun.

It also looks like someone spammed your comment area.

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