Friday, February 1, 2013

Talking Up A Storm

I had written this a few months ago, but never got around to adding pictures and publishing.


He says his name now.

When he sees a picture of himself, he says ti-ton.

We used to say what sounded like d-d which I’m assuming that was an early version of Kyton.  Now we can actually understand it though. 

He’s such a parrot.

  Kyton playing-11.jpg

The other day Dylan was walking out the door and I said :”Bye daddy. We love you daddy.“

Syllable for syllable, he repeated the entire phrase.  “Bye daddy, we wu wu da.”

I’m amazed daily as he adds additional words to his vocabulary. 

I feel like we are actually communicating and having conversations.  He can tell me when he needs a new diaper or is hungry.  He tells me how he feels about my food offerings.  He will even correctly answer questions about what he did that day. 

He nods his head and enthusiastically says “yeah, yeah” if the statement is true or he wants what is offered.  If he wants something his new phrase is a slow nod and the words “I do! I do!”

Of all the things he will say, recently he’s been very stubborn about using please.  He won’t sign it, and often refuses to say it.  He gets mad when I ask him to say please, and repeats again and again “I do! I do!”

Kyton playing-10.jpg

The interesting this is that for a few weeks he actually became less verbal.  Of course this worried me!  Now he is back to talking all the time and learning a new word every day, but he still won’t say his name.  He does not parrot anymore and uses words he knows.  He even put words together the other day and said “move dada.”  It’s so exciting to hear what he says next!


Katy said...

How exciting! And I'm sure he has the cutest little voice too! :)

~JarieLyn~ said...

Happiness just radiates from your little boy. Yep, it is exciting when they start putting their own sentences together.

Dina said...

Wow, Kyton is growing so fast. Thane is now a parrot when he chooses to be. He gets really excited right now when you say things to him if he points at them. He loves noises so I'm always roaring or making animals noises he tends to pick those up rather quickly.

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