Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Time Playing in the Snow… with ghetto boots

I was actually hoping that the Orlando ground hog would see his shadow, and we’d have 6 more weeks of this thing that we call winter here.  We have highs in the mid 70’s and lows in the 60’s.  Don’t be too jealous because we pay for it with blistering hot summers. 

This winter Kyton got to play in the snow for the first time while we were visiting my parents.  He went out in the snow last year, but didn’t really get to play in it since he was too young.   This year was different. 

Kyton playing in the snow-1.jpgKyton playing in the snow-17.jpg

I borrowed winter coats, and snowpants from my cousin who has a son that is slightly older than Kyton.  I sort of forgot how snow has a tendency to get into shoes, and didn’t think about getting boots.  So we went with ghetto boots… Plastic bags with rubber bands around them on the outside of Kyton’s shoes.  I don’t think he was a big fan of the boots.


Kyton playing in the snow-3.jpgKyton playing in the snow-4.jpg

As far as the snow, he LOVED it!

Kyton playing in the snow-5.jpgKyton playing in the snow-6.jpg

He had great fun throwing snowballs at my sister, her fiancé and  Dylan.

Kyton playing in the snow-7.jpg

He decided that gloves were too restricting, and that he would use his bare hands to grip the cold snow.  Silly boy.

Kyton playing in the snow-8.jpg

Kyton playing in the snow-9.jpg

Kyton playing in the snow-10.jpg

He learned that on three the snowball was thrown, so he shouted ‘eee’ (three) when throwing, or asking for a snowball to be thrown. 

Kyton playing in the snow-11.jpg

Kyton playing in the snow-12.jpg

Kyton playing in the snow-13.jpgKyton playing in the snow-14.jpg 

Kyton playing in the snow-15.jpgKyton playing in the snow-16.jpg

Kyton playing in the snow-18.jpgKyton playing in the snow-2.jpg

Kyton playing in the snow-19.jpg

I think this kid could get used to the snow!  Is there snow where you live now?


~JarieLyn~ said...

Oh, what a fun time he had. No snow where I live.

Pat Tillett said...

Pretty darn cute!
Nope, there isn't any snow here, ever! We can see it up in the mountains, but never here. It is ALWAYS mild...

Dina said...

Snow....I haven't seen that in 5 years! We get snow in the mountains but it melts in a couple of days.

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