Monday, February 4, 2013

Corn Maze

So in honor of the new year we decided to go visit a corn maze…. Really it was sometime in November, but I spent much of November working on client’s photos so now I’m catching up on mine.

corn maze-2.jpgcorn maze-1.jpg

We stopped by a park for a little while before going to the maze to let the kids play.  Kyton loved the swing as always, and driving the bus.

corn maze-10.jpg

They had the standard ‘posed’ pictures.  This looks like one of the first tractors that I remember driving.

corn maze-8.jpgcorn maze-7.jpg

I love these pictures of Ky holding his friends hand and her mom’s hand.  He loved his friend’s mom.  (Their blog)

corn maze-6.jpgcorn maze-3.jpg

Kyton loves to run, but he didn’t want to walk along with his friends.  He planted his feet in the ground and wanted to be carried.  Funny boy.

corn maze-4.jpgcorn maze-5.jpg

We made it out!  We actually had some great navigators so it was not bad at all. 

corn maze-9.jpg

Did anyone else participate in a corn maze?

1 comment:

Pat Tillett said...

I have, but it was so so long ago. Another memory for you all in these photos.

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