Monday, February 18, 2013

20 months

My boy is 20 months old today.  Am I still allowed to refer to his age in months?  It seems like once you leave the teens it’s no longer appropriate to talk in months.

In the past month Kyton has discovered toys.  It’s really sort of amazing, he will actually spend time playing with the many toys that we have either been given or purchased from garage sales.  I don’t think Dylan and I have ever gotten Kyton a toy ourselves, but fortunately we have generous people around us and some great garage sales.  The great thing about the discovery of toys is that he can actually entertain himself for about 5 minutes, unless I am using the computer.

20 months old (5 of 13).jpg20 months old (6 of 13).jpg

He has a kids tablet that my parents got him for Christmas and he loves it.  We were amazed the other day that he turned on the tablet, unlocked it, opened fruit ninja, selected the correct mode and started playing all by himself.  I am amazed daily at how quickly he learns new things. 

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He still loves to be outside, and loves getting dirty.  We have a hard time running past the playground without stopping.  He has slowly learned that the first time we pass the playground, and the second time we stop to play.

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Last week we were on a run and I let him play on the playground that is a little farther from our house. On the way home we passed by the playground that is right around the corner from our house, and although he had just spent 45 minutes playing he got upset that I would not stop. We are fortunate that he seems to enjoy riding in the jogging stroller, and usually does not mind our runs.  On this particular day he decided he wanted to wear my shoes while we went for our run.

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He visits time out a few times a day, but the good news is that it seems to be slowly working.  Kyton is the sort of kid that needs a lot of reinforcement when it comes to the rules.  He loves to test his boundaries and see what he can get away with.  We try to figure out what is important to us, and what rules we need him to follow.  He does ok around the house but being away from home is so over stimulating for him, and exhausting for us.

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Not much has changed sleep wise.  I try to have Dylan wake him from his nap after only an hour to guarantee that he will be tired by midnight. Usually around 11:30 we get ready for bed, and as long as he didn’t sleep too long during the day he’ll fall asleep at 12.  He usually wakes up around 7 or 7:30 when I get up for work.  I feel like I work double shifts every day.  8-4 at school and 4 –12 taking care of Kyton.  Dylan has evening activities pretty much every night. 

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He enjoys grabbing hands and getting people to go where he wants them to go. He often takes visitors to his room to play with him.  Other popular destinations are to the garage to play with the trucks.  He loves the limelight and getting attention. I feel like he has a big and sometimes dramatic personality.

20 months old (7 of 13).jpg20 months old (8 of 13).jpg

Drums as always are still a big favorite.  He is getting quite good!  I need to take another video of him drumming. He knows where the sticks are kept and asks for them.  He’ll sit on the throne and play for a good 10 minutes at a time.

Kyton’s smile and happy disposition is the greatest joy in our lives.  He loves to entertain and knows what will make us laugh. Unlike some toddlers he still loves giving hugs, kisses and cuddling.  When I walk through the door he runs to me with the biggest smile on his face and gives me the biggest hug.   We are so blessed to have this sweet boy in our lives.

20 months old (1 of 13).jpg20 months old (4 of 13).jpg

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