Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First haircut! Kind of...

Hello, this is Dylan, guest posting. For this post, we decided to post pics of Kyton's first haircut, which, in my opinion, really wasn't a haircut, but more of a trim. (edited by carly: In my opinion it was a REAL haircut since hair was cut.)
Kyton 18 month birthday-11.jpg
Kyton's First Haircut-1.jpgKyton's First Haircut-2.jpg
Carly absolutely loves Kyton's curls on the back of his head, and didn't want to cut any more than was absolutely necessary, which in this case was cutting about 5 mm of hair from his bangs, so he could see better.
Kyton's First Haircut-3.jpg
Kyton's First Haircut-4.jpg
Kyton was very good and held still during the whole process, which took all of 2 minutes.
tKyton's First Haircut-5.jpg
Here is his headshot we are using to hopefully get him a gig as Eddie Munster or one of The Misfits.
Kyton's First Haircut-6.jpg
Kyton's First Haircut-12.jpgKyton's First Haircut-11.jpg
For the time being, his hair is now out of his eyes. But it will only be a matter of time before the mullet will build up and have to go!
Kyton's First Haircut-10.jpgKyton's First Haircut-9.jpg
Kyton's First Haircut-8.jpgKyton's First Haircut-7.jpg


Katy said...

You are so brave to cut Kyton's hair! He is so cute!!! And love that red hair-no matter how long it is! ;)

Dina said...

LOL I just took him to the salon and said cut it! My husband was sad but I said it's hair and it grows back. My son's hair was just getting so long and he kept pulling it away from his eyes and ears. I just said it's fine. It will grow. Love Kyton's hair cut.

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