Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cookie Making

One of my favorite, and Dylan’s least favorite Christmas traditions is cookie making day.

cookie making-10.jpgcookie making-9.jpg

cookie making-8.jpg

My family spends hours making about a dozen different types of cookies. We give out the cookies as gifts, bring them to Christmas parties and eat them throughout the holidays.

cookie making-6.jpgcookie making-5.jpg

Due to the way Christmas fell this year my mom had most of her baking finished before we visited, but we still did a little bit of baking.

cookie making-7.jpg

Kyton enjoyed playing with and trying to eat the dough, but he helped cut out a few cookies. 

cookie making-4.jpg


cookie making-1.jpgcookie making-2.jpg

cookie making-3.jpg

Anyone else have these same cookie cutters as a kid?

1 comment:

Dina said...

I love how meticulous babies are! So cute! Kyton is very serious about this cookie making!

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