Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cars, Trucks and Big Smiles–19 months old

Our big accomplishment in the last month is that on a few occasions I’ve asked Kyton not to touch something, or to do something, and he has actually listened.  The hundreds of other requests we’ve made have been ignored.  I feel like the fact that he actually acknowledged that I was asking him to do something other than what his impulsivity wanted him to do and made the conscious decision to do as I asked shows a bit of hope and maturity.

19 month Kyton (2 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (29 of 29).jpg

He is pretty good at following 1 or 2 step directions.  He loves being told “take this and give it to daddy.”  He grabs the item and treks across the house to find Dylan and give him the item.  He has so much joy in the praise he gets from delivering the item.  He knows that he needs shoes and socks before going outside, and he’ll bring them to us on command.  He knows that when we say it is time to eat he has to climb into his high chair.  When we ask if he wants a bath, he heads to the bathroom, and to the bed when it’s time for night night. 

19 month Kyton (4 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (6 of 29).jpg

Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves since he takes things so literally.   If we say please sit down, he sits in the exact location in which he is currently standing, rather than on a chair or carpet nearby. 

19 month Kyton (5 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (7 of 29).jpg

He has an amazing vocabulary which increases every single day. We actually find that we are able to communicate fairly well with him. He can point to and say the major parts of his body. He must know at least 60 words. 

19 month Kyton (8 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (9 of 29).jpg

If he wants something he can use words he knows and ask for it.  Dylan asks “What do you say?” he knows to say and sign please. For a while he had his own version of the please sign, but now he has reverted to the official sign.  He also uses please for thank you, although he does know the word thank you.  (da-do.)

19 month Kyton (10 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (11 of 29).jpg
19 month Kyton (28 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (3 of 29).jpg

His current favorite phrase is one, referring to 1 more time at whatever it is that he wants at the moment.  He holds up one finger and begs for one (ne.)  Sometimes he is pleased after his one, other times he begs for one more, which he never gets.  He can count to three with us.

19 month Kyton (12 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (14 of 29).jpg

He still loves “I do” which is his version of yes please.  My sister was visiting recently and we joked that he is like a foreigner that has no idea what they are asking for, but he figures that he may as well say yes to everything.  He does also know the word “no.”  It is usually spoken as a long drawn out “nooooo” with a tone of I can’t believer that you’d ask me that.

19 month Kyton (13 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (15 of 29).jpg

He loves to dance, and move his body.  He pretends to play the drums along to music. I have no idea where he learned that one from Winking smile.  He loves to dance, and the intro to Yo-gabba gabba is his current favorite.  He has learned some dancey-dances and will usually do them on cue.  He has been trying to sing recently, which is super fun to watch.

19 month Kyton (17 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (16 of 29).jpg
19 month Kyton (25 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (24 of 29).jpg

He is great at problem solving and has such determination.  We usually see this when he wants something, especially items we place on tables.  He has learned how to move chairs around and climb up on the table to get what he wants.  Even if we don’t have anything on the table he still finds great joy in climbing on our dining room table to do a dance and let us know he figured it out. He’s something else!

19 month Kyton (19 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (20 of 29).jpg

He has so much energy and curiosity that he still has to be watched every minute of the day.  His day begins around 7:30 and ends around 11:30 when we are lucky. He takes about an hour nap while I am at work.  He sleeps through the night about a third of the time.  When we put him in his own bed, he usually wakes up screaming after an hour or two, and ends up in our bed.  As you can imagine this schedule is exhausting.  It’s crazy that the first 6 months he was such a great sleeper, and since he has not let me get much rest. 

19 month Kyton (21 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (18 of 29).jpg

He is getting pretty good at eating, and can often eat more than me! He does not eat as well in public as he does at home since he has an audience to entertain when we are out.

19 month Kyton (22 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (23 of 29).jpg

He has this great personality that probably goes along with his hair. He loves being the center of attention and catches everyone’s attention as we are out.  He loves making faces and getting people to laugh.  As you can see by the pictures he LOVES anything with wheels.

19 month Kyton (27 of 29).jpg19 month Kyton (26 of 29).jpg

While he is a hand full, we are blessed to have such a precious, fun and cute little boy to have in our lives.  Anyone else have a similar experience with their toddler?


Dina said...

Oh Carly!

Kyton is too darn cute for words. I'm glad he is doing so well and growing so fast!

Our son is doing well. He is 15 months cut 13 months corrected. He is walking like crazy and trying to run but he is still a little unsteady. He is now up to 7 words. He uses his hands to sign food, even though he knows other signs. If we sign to him he will respond to things. Like if we say Thane do you want water he'll point at it showing he wants it. I tell him to sit down to put on his shoes and socks and he sits right where he is standing. I also tell him to sit to eat his yogurt. He is into pointing at everything that he wants and saying "dat!"

He pratices saying Mama and other words in his crib. So I just wait in the morning before I go in and get him.

He is a GREAT sleeper until he gets sicks which is sadly often since he is a preemie. So at least once or twice a quarter he is sick but when he isn't sick he goes down around 7:30-8:30 pm and doesn't get back up until 8AM sometimes 10!

All babies are so different!

Trynke said...

At precisely 5 days younger, I see some similarities and differences. I think altogether, Melle is a bit more mellow. If he is busy playing, I can leave the room for a few minutes and he will stay put. He actually listens fairly well, but this may be a mixture of personality and the effects of tough German discipline at daycare ;). Seems like he's not as much of an entertainer as Kyton, unless he's in the mood for it, but he certainly appreciate praise and applause.
He usually sleeps from 8.30pm to 7am without waking up, with an additional 2h nap at midday - needless to say we're happy with this schedule, but we "paid" for it with a rough first year.
We're having more issues with eating, sounds like Kyton has a healthy appetite as always! Since a few months, Melle will eat a few bites of bland (bread, porridge, dry pasta or rice) or sweet food, but absolutely no veggies - he has the ability to smell a morsel of a carrot in an entire bowl of mashed potatoes. But he'll eat fruit and seems healthy, so we're not too worried, but it is annoying, so you're lucky there.
Is Kyton into puzzles - have you tried? Melle is currently crazy about them! But yes, cars are still a favorite too. Plastic animal figurines as well, he is way more attached to those (especially his two horsies) than any type of plush or cuddly toy.
Fun! I'm sure these little guys would be best buds if they got to know each other - Kyton the charming main man, Melle his quiet but scheming side kick... that would be trouble right there!

Jenny said...

wow! he has gotten so big! love love that red hair too!

and so many words...its good that he can communitcate so much with you guys.

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