Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Monkey Kyton

Kyton gets really mad when we won’t let him go outside and play.  He insists at 10PM that it’s time to go outside and run.  Honestly, we sometimes let him play in the dark in the fenced in backyard with a light on.  He just loves the fresh air.  He has become quite the monkey climbing on the playground equipment.  This park is a few blocks from our house.  The sand was wet, so we took off his shoes. 

Kyton at the park-7.jpgKyton at the park-6.jpg

Kyton at the park-4.jpgKyton at the park-3.jpg

Kyton at the park-2.jpgKyton at the park-1.jpg

I’ve been blessed with photography work recently, so my pictures have been a last priority.  We had to replace the air conditioner  in our house and It’s been so nice to see God provide work  for both me and Dyaln to provide for us.   More Kyton pictures coming soon!

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