Sunday, December 9, 2012

I’m a little embarrassed by these pictures

These pictures are embarrassing since they are from Halloween!  I have my “good camera” that I use for all of my photos shoots with clients.  Then I have my back-up camera that I always take with me incase something would happen to my good camera.  When I go out with friends I often take the back-up, but since it’s not used often I forget to take off the pictures. 

So here are pictures from a day we had at the SeaWorld Halloween Spook-tacular event.

Seaworld halloween spooktacular-3.jpgSeaworld halloween spooktacular-4.jpg

Seaworld halloween spooktacular-7.jpgSeaworld halloween spooktacular-5.jpg

Pushing buttons is his favorite!

Seaworld halloween spooktacular-8.jpgSeaworld halloween spooktacular-6.jpg

Seaworld halloween spooktacular-2.jpgSeaworld halloween spooktacular-1.jpg

Kyton LOVED the bubble machine.  I think he’s a little disappointed now that I can’t blow bubbles as fast as the machine.

Seaworld halloween spooktacular-13.jpgSeaworld halloween spooktacular-12.jpg

Seaworld halloween spooktacular-11.jpgSeaworld halloween spooktacular-10.jpg

Since I am a teacher I actually get into Seaworld free and Kyton is under 2, so for the cost of parking ($14!!!) we have a fun day out.


Katy said...

These are still good pics! Love the bubble pictures the best! :)

Dina said...

Oh my gosh look at Ky now! They grow so fast! Thane is walking now too! He decided he was going to take some steps the other day and now he won't stop! He is trying all day long! I love these images and I don't do that...I tend to bring my work camera with me all the time...I asked for a point and shot for Christmas. :P

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