Friday, December 21, 2012

Cars, cars everywhere

Hi, this is Dylan, guest posting. Over Thanksgiving weekend we decided to go to a large auto show at the city's convention center. I got free tickets from a jazz gig I played in, so besides parking it was free!
auto show-6.jpg
I had a lot of fun posing in cars I'll never own=) Honestly we're pretty practical about the cars we drive, but we wouldn't mind taking something fancy for a spin around the block one of these days.
auto show-5.jpg
Here's a Mustang in a color I don't like, but it is fun looking. They had a Shelby there as well.
auto show-4.jpg
Kyton loves to 'drive' all of the vehicles he can, and tries to open the doors and get into the cars himself.
auto show-3.jpgauto show-2.jpg
Chevrolet had the bumble bee styled Camaro from the Transformers movie. We got some pictures of it, but they didn't turn out good enough to post. Ford had the most interesting attraction with a talking robot. It was an enjoyable afternoon and we got to scope out some cars we might be interested in for the future.
auto show-1.jpg
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