Tuesday, December 18, 2012

18 months old!

I can’t believe that today my sweet little tiny baby boy is a year and a half old!
I don’t think words can express what a joy he is to be around...most of the time.  He is such a sweet boy that loves giving hugs to everyone.  He grabs the hand of anyone around and takes them to his room to play, or reaches his arms out for a hug.
Kyton 18 month birthday-12.jpgKyton 18 month birthday-11.jpg
When Dylan says goodbye before leaving, Kyton grabs him and gives a 3 minute bear hug, holding his Daddy tight.   He makes our lives so much fuller and richer!
It is so neat to hear his little voice at the end of lunch time.  As we pull up to the school for me to get out and go back to work, he says “bye mama!”  Oh, it is so sweet, but it makes it so hard to get out of the car. 
Kyton 18 month birthday-9.jpgKyton 18 month birthday-5.jpg
As I’ve mentioned, sleep is not great, so often he spends the night in our bed.  He seems comforted when his arms or legs are wrapped around us.  It’s cute to wake up and feel him curled up next to my body, or intertwined with Dylan.  While we consider moving him back to his own bed, we know he’ll be going back soon, and we truly love the extra snuggles.
Kyton 18 month birthday-7.jpgKyton 18 month birthday-6.jpg
His hobbies include climbing onto the dining room table, into his high chair, on top of his changing table, and pretty much any other high dangerous area he can find.  He loves getting caught doing what he’s not supposed to do.  Turning off the tv, climbing on tables, pulling lamps off tables, running toward the road and pulling pictures off the wall are a few of his favorites.  He squeals with delight as he is caught doing these ‘naughty’ things. 
Kyton 18 month birthday-10.jpgKyton 18 month birthday-8.jpg
He is very happy as long as he gets his way, but when he is told that he can’t do something or have something he wants, he throws himself on the ground and screams.  He cries out like he has been punched in the face or seriously hurt.  I know that this may sound mean, but I ignore his behaviors.  I’m hoping that by seeing that the tantrums get him nowhere, he’ll eventually stop. 
Kyton 18 month birthday-3.jpgKyton 18 month birthday-1.jpg
Honestly for fun, when we need to get out we take him to a department store and let him run while we chase him.  He can remember the way, and run,  from the front checkout registers all the way through the superstore to the bikes in the toy department.   He has such a fun personality for such a little guy.  He knows how to hold an audience and enjoys making people laugh. 
Kyton 18 month birthday-2.jpgKyton 18 month birthday-4.jpg
Every day it is something new.  While he is at a challenging stage, he is also at such a fun stage where he understands so much more.  The moments where he is super sweet or funny definitely outweigh the difficult moments.  He loves going for evening Christmas light runs.  He says “wow” or ”pretty” pointing to the lights.  We are really excited to see how he reacts to Christmas this year!

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