Monday, November 26, 2012

The End of Our Vacation

I was off of work the entire week last week for Thanksgiving.  In the past we always planned vacations, but limited funds this year kept us at home.  It was actually nice to have both Dylan and I home and not have anywhere we had to be for an entire week!  I also loved not having to leave my son for 9 whole days. 

Fall weather-3.jpg

These are from a few weeks ago, but accurately represent what we do on a regular basis.  Kyton loves being outside, and I work on photography projects, but outside with the laptop while Kyton enjoys the fresh air.

Fall weather-2.jpgFall weather-1.jpg

  Can you tell what he is using for a “ball?” It’s a green orange. He thinks it’s neat that we have a ball tree.

Only 4 more weeks until Christmas Vacation.

1 comment:

One Ordinary Family said...

Love the "ball tree." So fun! Happy belated Thanksgiving! Breaks from school always go by too quickly.

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