Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Halloween Costume Fail

I know that Halloween was over a week ago, but I am just taking a look at the photos.  Dylan took all of the photos, so there’s not too many.

We went to Kyton’s friend’s house for a party and trick-or-treating.  Kyton was Mario from the Super Mario Brothers.  He wore blue overalls, a red shirt and we made the little yellow button out of foam. I drew on a mustache.

trick or treat-2.jpg 

trick or treat-4.jpgtrick or treat-3.jpg

We also made him a foam hat, which really made the costume.  He HATED the hat.  I knew he was not  a fan of hats, but I thought I’d get him to wear it for a little bit.  He would not even pose for one picture with the hat.  If you put the two pictures below together you can see our vision for his costume.

trick or treat-5.jpgtrick or treat-6.jpg

People thought he was a farmer, a baby, not dressed up and I heard one person say, look they dressed their kid as an orphan. 

trick or treat-8.jpgtrick or treat-7.jpg

Kyton still had fun, and really enjoyed getting candy and spending time with his friends. 

Any better ideas for next year?


Jenny said...

such a cute idea!! next about a rock and roller, since he loves the drums.

Katy said...

LOLOL someone said an orphan? His clothes are too clean to be an orphan in a Charles Dickens book (which is how I think about orphans) ;)-that is hilarious. Hopefully he will like hats more next year. Love his little moustache!

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