Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Don’t Tell Daddy!

My husband likes to have everything neat and clean… which he has realized is nearly impossible with a toddler around.  He sees no value to allowing our son to investigate things that may lead to a mess.

I on the other hand feel that is is a huge part of his development to expose him to different feels, smells, textures, sights and sensations. If he wants to try something, as long as he won’t be hurt by it I gladly let him try. Dylan can’t understand when we have such a hard time keeping the house clean as it is, I would let our son intentionally create a mess.

I was completing a survey for a program that was trying to sell an overpriced book on child development, and one of the questions they asked was if he scribbles on paper. The truth is that we had never let him play with paper.

When I realized that the mommy guilt set in big time! The next day I set him in his high chair and we let him color with a pen, markers and crayons.  Dylan was not home so we, really means I.  Dylan does not know.

 October 2012-1.jpgOctober 2012-2.jpg


One of Kyton’s friends gave him toddler markers for his birthday, along with magic paper that only writes on the paper. Dylan said that we could keep it, but he was not about to use it himself.

He started off by eating the marker, but I figure it is child safe, right?

October 2012-3.jpg
He had a little help writing his name.

October 2012-4.jpgOctober 2012-5.jpgOctober 2012-6.jpg


He had a blast, and the marker was washable. Any other fun craft ideas for our little one?


Katy said...

You want to make a mess >:) Get some finger paints :) They are fun as long as Kyton doesn't mind getting paint on his hands. Play doh is fun too. Just be right there so he doesn't eat it. He will like squishing it. :) Have fun!

One Ordinary Family said...

We like the Color Wonder Markers (good for in the car too). You can make Play-Doh that is kid-safe/ok if they end up ingesting it. C's teacher told us that one of the best things for child development is Play-Doh because it uses so many parts of the brain and works on both fine and gross motor skills.

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