Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Space Man Kyton

While our air conditioning was out we tried to plan activities out of the house to stay cool.  Fortunately Orlando is full of tourist attractions, and they were having a teacher preview day at Wonder Works.

Here are our tacky tourist photos from the day. 

wonder works-8.jpg

Cheesy posed photos. 

wonder works-9.jpgwonder works-4.jpg

The piano from Big!

wonder works-7.jpgwonder works-5.jpg

wonder works-3.jpg

giant pin art

wonder works-2.jpgwonder works-1.jpg

It was hard to take photos since there were so many people around and bad lighting, but we managed to have fun and get out of the house.  Dylan and I got to take turns using the ropes course while Kyton took a much needed nap. 


SH -ic said...

love the photo .. even I m not a friend sending kids fotos into the net .. well some years ago I ve been in Orlando . to give as a birthday present to my boy.. we live next the funny hous .. which turns around .. cioa .. andrea

One Ordinary Family said...

What a fun place!

Elise Ann Wormuth said...

Sounds like a great day! How lucky you are to be in that area (well, except for the heat, in my view).

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