Monday, October 15, 2012

My Ky, the science guy...

Hello, this is Dylan, guest blogging. Recently we made a trip to the Orlando Science Center with some friends. We thought that Ky is about at the age where he would really enjoy all the hands on exhibits they have to offer, and it would keep his hands off our stuff at home for a few hours!Orlando Science Center-6.jpgOrlando Science Center-7.jpg
Orlando Science Center-8.jpgOrlando Science Center-9.jpg
Orlando Science Center-11.jpg    As usual, he found the computer and wouldn't stop playing with the mouse and keyboard for a good 10-15 minutes. This was fine by us as it wasn't our computer!
Orlando Science Center-10.jpgOrlando Science Center-12.jpg
Orlando Science Center-13.jpg
Orlando Science Center-14.jpgOrlando Science Center-15.jpg    He also had a blast playing in the water with his friends.
Orlando Science Center-16.jpg
Orlando Science Center-17.jpgOrlando Science Center-18.jpg
The theme for Photo Friday is Vibrant.  Doesn't this hair count?
Orlando Science Center-19.jpgOrlando Science Center-20.jpg
Orlando Science Center-21.jpg
Orlando Science Center-22.jpgOrlando Science Center-23.jpg    The kids all had A LOT of fun playing in the engine room, where there were toy cars, trains, and planes to drive, ride, and fix!
Orlando Science Center-25.jpg
Orlando Science Center-24.jpgOrlando Science Center-28.jpg
Orlando Science Center-27.jpgOrlando Science Center-26.jpg
Orlando Science Center-29.jpgOrlando Science Center-30.jpg    They've already got a good start on proper car maintenance!
Orlando Science Center-31.jpgOrlando Science Center-32.jpg
Orlando Science Center-34.jpgOrlando Science Center-35.jpg    We had a mini soapbox style car race, played music on pvc pipes, and tried out all the other cool learning gadgets.
Orlando Science Center-37.jpgOrlando Science Center-36.jpg
Orlando Science Center-38.jpg    Overall is was a day very well spent. Have you been to your local science center?

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