Thursday, October 18, 2012

16 ways we are enjoying our 16 month old!

Dylan and I are in awe every day that we get to spend with this sweet little man.  Every month on the 18th, I like to take some time to remember him just as he is- this time at 16 months. 
October 2012-5.jpg
16. Right now he’s at this fun age where he loves the power of taking our hands and brining us to wherever he wants to go.
15. In the evening he’ll spend 5 minutes at a time looking out the window at our neighbor's Halloween lights. I know it’s going to be an exciting Christmas this year!
October 2012-3.jpg
October 2012-1.jpgOctober 2012-2.jpg
14. I’ve pretty much lost track of the words and phrases he can say.  Every day it is something new.  I’m amazed at his comprehension of our words, and ability to parrot what we say as well as use his limited vocabulary.
13. He squeals in delight when he sees something that interests him, like an approaching playground, or kids.
October 2012-4.jpgOctober 2012-8.jpg
October 2012-22.jpgOctober 2012-14.jpg
12. Much to Dylan’s dislike his favorite daytime activity is taking every single toy off the shelf and removing the shelves from the bookcase.
11. I think he’s going to be an engineer. He is always trying to figure out how things work, and solve problems.
October 2012-21.jpgOctober 2012-9.jpg
10. He has 8 teeth, but 9 and 10 are on their way very soon!
9. He has finally started giving us a few hours of uninterrupted sleep about 50% of the time.  He now goes to sleep around 11 and usually wakes around 6.  He’ll sort of sleep in our bed until it is tome for me to get up.
October 2012-10.jpgOctober 2012-11.jpg
October 2012-15.jpg
8. He’s a climber! He does pull-ups on the stove, and figured out how to use a chair to climb onto the dining room table. He attempts this often.
7. He is very strong for his size and still loves pushing things around the house, like our kitchen island and our furniture!
October 2012-5.jpgOctober 2012-7.jpg
October 2012-9.jpgOctober 2012-6.jpg
6. He still seems to like to eat just about everything, but for the few days before his teeth poked through he was only interested in soft foods.
5. Speaking of food, he likes strange things like pickles and raw peppers. He also likes yummy foods like homemade Thai, Indian, whole wheat crust veggie pizza and whole wheat veggie lasagna.  
October 2012-14.jpgOctober 2012-12.jpg
4. He has added to his dance repertoire and now does a circle spin. He loves to dance and move to music.
3. He loves the camera, and loves watching videos of himself, and mimics his actions in the video.
October 2012-12.jpgOctober 2012-13.jpg
2. Holding him after he’s fallen asleep… I have such a hard time putting him down!
1. Walking in the door each day and hearing Kyton squeal and run to me for a big hug and kiss is by far the highlight of my day!
October 2012-10.jpgOctober 2012-8.jpg

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Hootin' Anni said...

The images just melt my heart!!! Oh the joy of parenthood at this stage in our children's lives!!!! I remember it all...but that was nearly 40 years ago. Even with grandsons, it was 15-17 years ago. Geez, time flies.

I do hope you're keeping these printed out for hard copies someday when he's all grown; and adult. So you both can sit together [or all three of you and maybe a girlfriend or wife for Ky] and peruse all these images and thoughts you've shared....together!!!

It's priceless.

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