Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kyton the Wizard

My very talented sister Rebecca wrote this story.  She’s a scientist but has been given thousands of dollars in grants for her amazing writing, and now she’s guest posting on my blog. 



Kyton the wizard wanted to cast a spell.


“Abracadabra!” He tried.


Nothing happened.


Hmmm… what was wrong? He pondered.

Then he spied the cat. “Aha!” He thought. The cat’s the thing to help me cast my spell!

Come here Buddy! Help me with my magic!


Buddy agreed to help, so Kyton began his spell.


A pinch of polymers, a bit of gold, and some Chinese spice….


A bit of concentration….




Success! The spell worked! A brand new smart phone just for Kyton.


Kyton was pleased. Thank you Buddy!


If you enjoy this, check out her last story about Kyton’s search for milk. I think I’m going to make a picture book of her stories.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Little Pumpkin

We took our little pumpkin to a ‘pumpkin patch’ this weekend.  Due to the hurricane and cold front it actually felt like fall!   The thing is that down in Florida, they don’t grow pumpkins.  The ‘patch’ is actually shipped pumpkins lined up in a row.

He was a little tired when we first arrived,

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-1.jpgPUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-3.jpg

but he quickly woke up!

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-4.jpgPUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-5.jpg

He really is such a poser!

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-8.jpgPUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-7.jpg

I can’t believe how closely his hair matches the color of the pumpkins!

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-10.jpgPUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-11.jpg

The fall scene below is my favorite!

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-12.jpg

They gave him a pumpkin to hold, which he LOVED!

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-13.jpgPUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-14.jpg

He clapped for himself when he gave it back. 

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-17.jpg PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-21.jpg

He was in charge, and  led us around the farm,

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-22.jpgPUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-24.jpg

and over to the horse fields.

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-25.jpgPUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-26.jpg

No one was around to tell us not to, so we pet the horse.

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-27.jpg

Kyton decided the pumpkins needed moved around.

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-34.jpgPUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-35.jpg
PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-36.jpgPUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-37.jpg

He had to pick the perfect one!

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-38.jpgPUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-39.jpg

He celebrated by pulling both parents around…

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-40.jpg

and rolling on the concrete!  Crazy, I know!

PUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-41.jpgPUMPKIN PATCH - OCT 2012-42.jpg

Have you gotten your pumpkin yet?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Edible Finger Paint

I am trying to provide more opportunity for sensory stimulation. The other day I made edible finger paints for Kyton to eat play with.

edible finger paint-1.jpg

Here’s the recipe:

  • 1/2 cup cornstarch
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 1/2 tbsp salt
  • 2 cups cold water
  • food coloring  (a little goes a long way!)

Mix all ingredients, except coloring in a small sauce pan and cook over medium-low heat for 15 minutes.  Stir while cooking until it becomes a thick paste.  Remove from heat and move to separate containers.  Add food coloring.  Once the mixture is cool, enjoy!

October 2012-7.jpgOctober 2012-19.jpg

I used tape to put his name on the paper. When the tape was removed, his name was on the paper.

October 2012-8.jpg

…and it goes in the mouth!

 October 2012-10.jpg

October 2012-12.jpg

October 2012-13.jpg

October 2012-14.jpg

October 2012-15.jpg

October 2012-16.jpg

It took about 10 minutes to make, but about 20 minutes to clean up after…such is life.

I put the rest in the frig for daddy to use later in the week! That’s not going to happen but I’ll use it another day.

October 2012-17.jpgOctober 2012-18.jpg

I will warn you, the following day Kyton decided to do the same thing with his yogurt since he saw me use a spoon to hand out the ‘paint.’

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