Thursday, September 27, 2012

Little Button Pusher

This kid loves anything with buttons, especially when he sees it is important to his parents.  Remotes, phones and computer are favorites.

15 MONTH KYTON-11.jpg15 MONTH KYTON-10.jpg

15 MONTH KYTON-9.jpg15 MONTH KYTON-8.jpg

We have a decoy, but he does not like it as well.  Do you let your kids play with the real thing?


One Ordinary Family said...

We have a decoy (an old remote), but if nothing happens when he pushes a button, he doesn't like it. We do let him play with our phones if we're around and have them locked (he just pushes the buttons to make the lock screen light up).

Anonymous said...

My boys are obsessed, too... But Connor is much more interested than Aidan. He is fixated on my phone and tries to take it whenever he thinks I'm not looking! Your little guy is getting SO big! :)

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