Sunday, September 30, 2012

He is his father’s son.

Kyton regularly disappears into the garage, a.k.a. our Florida basement, to play the drums.  I know that I've shared quite a few photos of out baby drumming, but his fascination with hitting things has not stopped. 
15 MONTH KYTON-2.jpg
He throws a fit when it is time to come inside and leave the drums.  He tried to bring the sticks into the house. 
15 MONTH KYTON-1.jpg15 MONTH KYTON-1.jpg
He thinks that everything should be a drum, and regularly gets in trouble for hitting things. 
15 MONTH KYTON-5.jpg
15 MONTH KYTON-3.jpg
I can’t get over how much this kid enjoys his father’s hobby!   Do you think it’s too soon to know that he is going to be  a rock star?
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Katy said...

LOL He is going to be a rock star! I think he needs more cowbell! ;)

Dina said...

Nope, I think he knows what he wants in life! I love that "You caught me Mom" face!

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