Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vacation from our Vacation

While we were visiting my parents we wanted to take a little get-a-way, so we purchased a groupon for an “Amish Built Cabin.”  Apparently groupon uses stock pictures, because the picture they had was different from our actual accommodations.  To be honest for the price we paid, we were happy with our rustic living quarters.  It was a lot like camping, which is something we enjoy!
Sandusky vacation-1.jpgSandusky vacation-3.jpg
Sandusky vacation-2.jpgSandusky vacation-35.jpg
We put Kyton’s play pen in the cabin and had a double bed for ourselves.  He slept in his bed the whole night.  (That is rare!)
Sandusky vacation-36.jpgSandusky vacation-37.jpg
Our cabin was near Sandusky… which we discovered was not all that interesting.
Sandusky vacation-4.jpgSandusky vacation-6.jpgWhile
Sandusky vacation-7.jpgSandusky vacation-8.jpg
Sandusky vacation-9.jpgSandusky vacation-10.jpg
Sandusky vacation-11.jpgSandusky vacation-12.jpg
Sandusky vacation-16.jpgSandusky vacation-13.jpg
We thought that these buildings looked a little they could be the set of a war movie.
Sandusky vacation-15.jpgSandusky vacation-14.jpg
We headed to a lake front park for a picnic and playtime for Kyton.
Sandusky vacation-17.jpgSandusky vacation-18.jpg
Sandusky vacation-19.jpg
Sandusky vacation-20.jpgSandusky vacation-21.jpg
Sandusky vacation-22.jpgSandusky vacation-23.jpg

Sandusky vacation-26.jpgSandusky vacation-24.jpg
Sandusky vacation-27.jpg
He was not happy that I insisted on holding him.  He wanted to be let go!  Crazy boy!
Sandusky vacation-29.jpgSandusky vacation-30.jpg
Sandusky vacation-31.jpg
This kid loves the water and has no fear.
Sandusky vacation-32.jpgSandusky vacation-33.jpg
We visited the scenic lighthouse at Marblehead.
Sandusky vacation-34.jpgSandusky vacation-25.jpg
Our campground had kittens and bunnies, which Ky loved!  He was thrilled that the animals stayed still while he pet them unlike my parent's cat that runs.  He says kitty and meows every time he sees a furry animal. 
Sandusky vacation-38.jpgSandusky vacation-39.jpg
We finished up with a tour of a local winery including a tasting.  I guess the baby can’t take much wine since he quickly fell asleep. 
Sandusky vacation-55.jpg
Sandusky vacation-56.jpgSandusky vacation-57.jpg
It was a great mini vacation from our 6 week vacation.  Have you taken any great mini-vacations?

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Pat Tillett said...

That is pretty rustic alright! I've lived in a couple of places that would compare to this one.

FANTASTIC group of photos! You are such a great photographer.

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