Monday, September 24, 2012

A Lama in our Car!

I’m now done with all of my photography projects.  I’ve been blessed recently with clients’ projects consistently. Now it’s onto my personal photos. 

This summer we went to a crazy animal park.  I can’t think of any other way to describe it. 

Sandusky vacation-40.jpg

They gave us a cup of food to feed to the freely roaming wild animals. 

Sandusky vacation-41.jpgSandusky vacation-42.jpg

The thing is that these animals were aggressive.  They have been conditioned that food comes from cups in cars, and they try and pull the cups out of the car.

Sandusky vacation-43.jpgSandusky vacation-44.jpg

Sometimes they swarmed a car and would not leave, or let the car move. 

Sandusky vacation-46.jpgSandusky vacation-47.jpg

We were a little worried about letting a buffalo or moose in the car since we had Kyton, so we opted to keep the windows shut.

Sandusky vacation-48.jpgSandusky vacation-49.jpg

Kyton may have sampled a little of the animal food while I was not looking.  Extra fiber, right?

Sandusky vacation-50.jpg

The guys in the background had paddles they would use to push back animals that were just too aggressive. 

Sandusky vacation-51.jpgSandusky vacation-52.jpg

We also enjoyed the walk around animal park and a few shows. Despite my ethical questions it was a unique experience.  

Sandusky vacation-53.jpgSandusky vacation-54.jpg


Pat Tillett said...

It looks like fun (ethical issues aside) and it's a good way to introduce kids to wild(ish) animals.

Dina said...

Nothing wrong with that! My son has sampled dog food, when I was quick enough to get it out of his hand.

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