Tuesday, September 18, 2012

15 month old in pictures

Kyton is officially 15 months old! 

15 MONTH KYTON-9.jpg

He continues to talk, and talk, and talk. In addition to the words he is already using he now says: watermelon, door, ant, again, beep, baby, done, dog-in his own way=). I am sure that there are more, but I can’t think of them right  now. One of my favorites is that when we ask “Do you want___?” He excitedly nods his head and says clear as day “Yeah, yeah!” He tells me about once a day I love you (ay wu wu.)

15 MONTH KYTON-8.jpg15 MONTH KYTON-7.jpg

When I get home from work he stops what he is doing and RUNS to the door to give me a hug. This is by far the best part of my day.  He wraps his arms around my neck and just hangs on and squeezes me tight.

15 MONTH KYTON-4.jpg15 MONTH KYTON-7.jpg

He eats like an adult.  I truly think that he could eat more than a small adult.

15 MONTH KYTON-6.jpg

He still goes to sleep at midnight, wakes up during the night and is up at 7ish for the day.  He takes one nap for about 75 minutes.  He can climb off of our bed, which is about 3 feet high!

15 MONTH KYTON-20.jpg15 MONTH KYTON-2.jpg

He enjoys doing anything that he perceives as being adult…
15 MONTH KYTON-12.jpg15 MONTH KYTON-13.jpg

including sitting on and occasionally using the potty!
15 MONTH KYTON-5.jpg15 MONTH KYTON-6.jpg

Brushing his teeth is also a favorite.  He helps unload the dishwasher by handing us the dishes.  At dinner time he’ll bring the ingredients for diner from me to Dylan. One day we went to the store and while we were putting away the perishables, Kyton emptied our grocery bags and put all of the boxes in his high chair.

15 MONTH KYTON-10.jpg  15 MONTH KYTON-15.jpg

Going outside is a favorite past time.  He moves around our solar lights and plays in the kitty’s water bin.  He also tries to play with the kitties. 

15 MONTH KYTON-19.jpg15 MONTH KYTON-18.jpg

15 MONTH KYTON-17.jpg15 MONTH KYTON-16.jpg

He is really really strong, and really really persistent.  He is a ball of energy that is constantly moving!

15 MONTH KYTON-5.jpg

15 MONTH KYTON-3.jpg15 MONTH KYTON-1.jpg

Keeping it real, we see this mad face quite often when we say no.  We also clean up messes ALL THE TIME!

15 MONTH KYTON-11.jpg15 MONTH KYTON-4.jpg

Oh, and he climbed out of the playpen the other day.  a.k.a. time out.  So we need a new time out. 

awards gala-1.jpgawards gala-1.jpg

Dylan and I tell each other every day how blessed we are to have this little boy in our lives!


Katy said...

He is so sweet! What a smart little guy! They are only little once! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

Jenny said...

He is so gorgeous! I love his hair!

And what a climber and eater! I think Eli is on his way to that as well!

Happy 15 months!

Pat Tillett said...

He is really starting to look like a little kid now and not a baby. Great photos and good luck keeping up with him!

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