Saturday, August 18, 2012

He’s walking and 14 months old!

blueberry picking-3.jpg
Kyton is 14 months old today!  In the last month Kyton has progressed from taking his first steps to walking anywhere he wants to go.
blueberry picking-14.jpgblueberry picking-9.jpg
blueberry picking-15.jpgblueberry picking-8.jpg
Trucks and balls seem to be his current favorites.  While we were visiting my parents he found an old truck that my dad had as a kid.  He was content for about 30 minutes at a time just pushing the truck around the basement. 
blueberry picking-3.jpgblueberry picking-7.jpg
I found these on the camera from when Dylan was home with him.
blueberry picking-2.jpgblueberry picking-1.jpg
He has become much more interested in his toys and in turn a lot more independent. 
blueberry picking-16.jpgblueberry picking-20.jpg
He often insists on feeding himself, and gets mad when we won’t let him hold the spoon or fork. 
blueberry picking-4.jpg
He eats EVERYTHING! He even ate a curry dish we made the other day.  
blueberry picking-1.jpg
He’s very social, and loves playing with other kids, or grabbing the attention of others.
blueberry picking-17.jpg blueberry picking-19.jpg
He does not like to hear no, or not be able to do something, but he loves clapping and positive praise.
blueberry picking-10.jpgblueberry picking-11.jpg
He is very affectionate and loves giving kisses and hugs.  When he is tired he walks up to Dylan, asks to be held, and buries his head in Dylan’s chest.  He gives hugs and kisses on request, and gets a little jealous when Dylan and I hug or kiss each other.
blueberry picking-5.jpgblueberry picking-6.jpg
He talks all the time!  Some of the words that he uses regularly and we understand are: more, nurse, meow, kitty, dad (da-da, dad, da) banana, grandma (na-na), grandpa (he calls my dad: da-da), mom (mama, mom) tickle, done, bless (for bless you after a sneeze) again, no, bye-bye, yeah or yes, la la la, love.
blueberry picking-18.jpgblueberry picking-2.jpg
This little boy has been such a blessing to us!
(The photos in the green shirt we took today as a mini 14 month photo shoot.)


One Ordinary Family said...

He is so precious! I love that mohawk. B doesn't like to be told "no" either. His little heart just breaks, but it's always for his own good, like, "No, you can't play with the wine glasses hanging in the wine cabinet" or "No, you can't climb up to the top of the piano."

Pat Tillett said...

So cute! Love that spiked hairdo...

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