Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to college,

University of Mount Union-1.jpgUniversity of Mount Union-2.jpg 
Hello, this is Dylan guest blogging. While we were in Ohio we decided to take a trip back to the school where we first met, Mount Union College...which is now called the University of Mount Union. Why they changed it I don't really know, but apparently calling yourself a university is the 'in' thing to do now.
University of Mount Union-3.jpgUniversity of Mount Union-4.jpg 
The main thing I wanted to do was find my brick that was a part of my graduating class' gift to the I couldn't even remember what I put on it so I was glad to see it wasn't something dumb like 'This is my brick'.

University of Mount Union-5.jpgUniversity of Mount Union-6.jpg
University of Mount Union-7.jpg
University of Mount Union-8.jpg
University of Mount Union-9.jpgUniversity of Mount Union-10.jpg 
Ky had a great time exploring the campus, which has very beautiful and non-fire ant filled grounds to crawl on, unlike where we live =(
University of Mount Union-11.jpgUniversity of Mount Union-12.jpg 
He loved 'helping' me push the stroller around. After all, it is quite a burden.
University of Mount Union-13.jpg 
Some things on campus have stayed the same and remained unchanged.
University of Mount Union-14.jpgUniversity of Mount Union-15.jpg 
While other parts of campus showcased brand new buildings that highlight UMU's aggressive expansion and renovation campaigns. 
The picture below is for a story that Carly will share at another time.
University of Mount Union-16.jpg
University of Mount Union-17.jpg
University of Mount Union-18.jpg
University of Mount Union-19.jpg 
Although he is walking around regularly now, this was one of the first times he stood up on his own. 
University of Mount Union-20.jpg
University of Mount Union-21.jpg 
All in all we had a great visit and enjoyed several hours reminiscing over familiar places and taking in new sights on campus. 


momto8 said...

how fun!! your pictures are fabulous!! maybe your son will go to that college/university. my daughter just left today for lafayette college...where her dad also graduated from...

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

YAY! You got one of the first times he stood up on film! Looks like a great visit. I think there are actually program requirements that you need in order to be a "university"... maybe a doctorate program or an affiliation with a larger system... not sure, though.

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