Sunday, August 26, 2012

And the award goes to…

awards gala-2.jpg

I am extremely proud of my husband since now he is considered an award winning actor!  Last night we attended the awards gala at the theater where Dylan does most of his acting.  He was nominated for two awards this year.  The first nomination was basically for best cameo role.  He was the president of the hairspray company in Hairspray.  His second nomination was for best actor in a musical and he won!!!  He played Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady.  He put in SO much work for the role; it literally took the time of a full time job.  He would run lines for our son and sing while he fed Kyton. After I got home from work he was in his office running lines and practicing his songs before heading to practice all evening.

awards gala-8.jpgawards gala-1.jpg

Dylan was in shock when they called his name.  The truth is that there were many other worthy actors that he was up against.  He humbly accepted the award and thanked the cast and crew, Kyton and I and God for giving him his talents. 

awards gala-6.jpgawards gala-5.jpg

The theme for the gala was Hollywood Glam.  We had such a fun night getting dressed up and enjoying delicious hors d'oeuvres beforehand and dessert and champagne afterwards.

awards gala-4.jpgawards gala-3.jpg

Huge thanks to Kyton’s friend Savanna who came over with her parents to keep Kyton company.  (Savanna’s mom took these.)

awards gala-1.jpg

Dylan admitted to me that this is actually not his first acting award.  In college he won the diva award=( for taking too long to get ready and wanting everything just so. But I guess that’s not really an award you brag about!

Have you ever won an award?


Lynn said...

AW! You guys look like you're having a wonderful time together. And congrats on the awards! I have to say that the diva award part made me laugh, though, even though it was awarded at an earlier moment in his career. HA!

Christina said...

Beautiful photos of you two! Congrats to Dylan on winning his awards! What a talented guy he must be! I'm sure it was a very special evening for both of you!!

Martha Z said...

Wow, congratulations to Dylan. It's always nice to be recognized for one's hard work.

Jenny said...

Congrats! That is amazing...and you guys look wonderful.

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