Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sneaky Snack

How to sneak a snack while daddy works….

blueberry picking-3.jpgblueberry picking-2.jpgblueberry picking-1.jpg

One of my families traditions is going blueberry picking every summer.  Ky was happy to reach over and grab berries off the tree while Dylan worked. 

blueberry picking-4.jpgblueberry picking-5.jpg

We tried to go berry picking down here in Florida, but the berries are not as sweet or plentiful.

blueberry picking-6.jpgblueberry picking-7.jpg

We filled our bellies and buckets.  At my parents house we made a pie, filled the freezer and snacked on berries. 

blueberry picking-8.jpgblueberry picking-9.jpg

Ky fell asleep, and we picked something like 20 lbs. of berries!

blueberry picking-10.jpgblueberry picking-11.jpg

Sunday, August 26, 2012

And the award goes to…

awards gala-2.jpg

I am extremely proud of my husband since now he is considered an award winning actor!  Last night we attended the awards gala at the theater where Dylan does most of his acting.  He was nominated for two awards this year.  The first nomination was basically for best cameo role.  He was the president of the hairspray company in Hairspray.  His second nomination was for best actor in a musical and he won!!!  He played Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady.  He put in SO much work for the role; it literally took the time of a full time job.  He would run lines for our son and sing while he fed Kyton. After I got home from work he was in his office running lines and practicing his songs before heading to practice all evening.

awards gala-8.jpgawards gala-1.jpg

Dylan was in shock when they called his name.  The truth is that there were many other worthy actors that he was up against.  He humbly accepted the award and thanked the cast and crew, Kyton and I and God for giving him his talents. 

awards gala-6.jpgawards gala-5.jpg

The theme for the gala was Hollywood Glam.  We had such a fun night getting dressed up and enjoying delicious hors d'oeuvres beforehand and dessert and champagne afterwards.

awards gala-4.jpgawards gala-3.jpg

Huge thanks to Kyton’s friend Savanna who came over with her parents to keep Kyton company.  (Savanna’s mom took these.)

awards gala-1.jpg

Dylan admitted to me that this is actually not his first acting award.  In college he won the diva award=( for taking too long to get ready and wanting everything just so. But I guess that’s not really an award you brag about!

Have you ever won an award?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to college,

University of Mount Union-1.jpgUniversity of Mount Union-2.jpg 
Hello, this is Dylan guest blogging. While we were in Ohio we decided to take a trip back to the school where we first met, Mount Union College...which is now called the University of Mount Union. Why they changed it I don't really know, but apparently calling yourself a university is the 'in' thing to do now.
University of Mount Union-3.jpgUniversity of Mount Union-4.jpg 
The main thing I wanted to do was find my brick that was a part of my graduating class' gift to the I couldn't even remember what I put on it so I was glad to see it wasn't something dumb like 'This is my brick'.

University of Mount Union-5.jpgUniversity of Mount Union-6.jpg
University of Mount Union-7.jpg
University of Mount Union-8.jpg
University of Mount Union-9.jpgUniversity of Mount Union-10.jpg 
Ky had a great time exploring the campus, which has very beautiful and non-fire ant filled grounds to crawl on, unlike where we live =(
University of Mount Union-11.jpgUniversity of Mount Union-12.jpg 
He loved 'helping' me push the stroller around. After all, it is quite a burden.
University of Mount Union-13.jpg 
Some things on campus have stayed the same and remained unchanged.
University of Mount Union-14.jpgUniversity of Mount Union-15.jpg 
While other parts of campus showcased brand new buildings that highlight UMU's aggressive expansion and renovation campaigns. 
The picture below is for a story that Carly will share at another time.
University of Mount Union-16.jpg
University of Mount Union-17.jpg
University of Mount Union-18.jpg
University of Mount Union-19.jpg 
Although he is walking around regularly now, this was one of the first times he stood up on his own. 
University of Mount Union-20.jpg
University of Mount Union-21.jpg 
All in all we had a great visit and enjoyed several hours reminiscing over familiar places and taking in new sights on campus. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We have a date tonight, so I thought it’d be a good opportunity share from our last date. 
For our anniversary Dylan and I had the opportunity  for the first time since Kyton was born to go out to dinner just the two of us.
6th anniversary-2.jpg6th anniversary-3.jpg
6th anniversary-4.jpg6th anniversary-5.jpg
We were visiting my parents at the time, so we had a wonderful babysitter.  I don’t think Kyton even knew we were gone. 
6th anniversary-6.jpg6th anniversary-7.jpg
We had a wonderful time at a Hibachi Grill.  I was slightly disappointed that the chef did not put on more of a show.  When I was a kid the chef threw food all around the table and told jokes.  Granted it was the end of the night, but this chef seemed a little dry.  
6th anniversary-10.jpg6th anniversary-11.jpg
Despite the slightly disappointing show the food was good, and the company was even better!
6th anniversary-12.jpg6th anniversary-8.jpg
Pictures by Dylan, and the black and white below is a self portrait. 
6th anniversary-13.jpg6th anniversary-1.jpg
Have you  been to a hibachi grill lately? How was the chef?

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