Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saint Paul, MN

I recently photographed my friend’s wedding in Minnesota. We decided to head to the land of many lakes a few days early and make it into our summer vacation.
Minneapolis, NM-2Minneapolis, NM-3
We visited St. Paul’s cathedral.
Minneapolis, NM-7Minneapolis, NM-9
(love this shadow)
Minneapolis, NM-8Minneapolis, NM-6
Minneapolis, NM-10Minneapolis, NM-4
Minneapolis, NM-11Minneapolis, NM-12
As we were picnicking on the cathedral lawn Kyton stood for the first time.  He just planted his feet in the dirt and pushed himself up completely unassisted.  He stayed that way for about 20 seconds, then let himself down.  He has since become a proficient stander.
Minneapolis, NM-13Minneapolis, NM-14
We also visited the State Capitol.
Minneapolis, NM-15Minneapolis, NM-16
Minneapolis, NM-17Minneapolis, NM-18
The highlight of the tour was being allowed to walk around the edge of the dome.
Minneapolis, NM-19Minneapolis, NM-20
Minneapolis, NM-21Minneapolis, NM-22
Minneapolis, NM-23Minneapolis, NM-24
Dylan loves wrestling, so he made sure to find the painting of Jesse Ventura. 
Minneapolis, NM-25Minneapolis, NM-26
Minneapolis, NM-27
More to come from Minnesota!

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Katy said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! What a fun trip! It looks beautiful there and hopefully not too hot! :) So glad that Kyton is standing! Exciting!! :)

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