Saturday, July 7, 2012

A new crawl

Kyton has decided that crawling on his knees can be painful. 

June 2012-3.jpg

This is his new method of transportation. 

June 2012-5.jpgJune 2012-2.jpg

We are enjoying time together with out having to worry about going to work!  It’s pretty nice!

June 2012-1.jpgJune 2012-4.jpg

I’ve actually been working hard on photos every chance I get.  Some are available on my facebook page, but I’m going to blog here in a few weeks. 


One Ordinary Family said...

We're pretty familiar with that crawl, given that neither of our kids walked until at least 15 months and they both got tired of trying to crawl outside.

Jenny said...

So cute! It can be painful when you see their little red knees!

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