Monday, July 23, 2012

Minnehaha Falls

Of all of our stops in Minnesota this was my favorite. It’s my sort of thing.  Outdoors, falling water and hiking. 
Minneapolis, NM-28Minneapolis, NM-30
Minneapolis, NM-29Minneapolis, NM-31
Minneapolis, NM-32Minneapolis, NM-33
Minneapolis, NM-35
I LOVE this picture of Ky and Dylan!
Minneapolis, NM-36Minneapolis, NM-34
Minneapolis, NM-37Minneapolis, NM-38
Minneapolis, NM-39Minneapolis, NM-41
Ky was practicing his wrestling moves that his dad has been teaching him.
Minneapolis, NM-40
There were quite a few musicians in the park that were performing.  We let Ky get his energy out by crawling around and getting dirty.  That’s what boys are supposed to do, right?
Minneapolis, NM-42Minneapolis, NM-43
my view
Minneapolis, NM-45Minneapolis, NM-44
Minneapolis, NM-46Minneapolis, NM-47
What do you like to visit on vacations?

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