Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 6th anniversary. One of my favorite parts of the past year has been to see my husband turn into a wonderful dad to our son.  
Kyton's rockstar first birthday party-2.jpg
Last year I chose my favorite pictures from the first 5 years and wrote 5 years in pictures on our anniversary.
Kyton's rockstar first birthday party-1.jpgKyton's rockstar first birthday party-1.jpg
Kyton's rockstar first birthday party-6.jpgKyton's rockstar first birthday party-5.jpg
Kyton's rockstar first birthday party-4.jpg
Kyton's rockstar first birthday party-2.jpgKyton's rockstar first birthday party-1.jpg
Kyton's rockstar first birthday party-3.jpg
Can you believe that I can’t find one picture of just the two of us in the past few months? Part of the reason is that I lost some pictures when my hard drive crashed in November. Many I had backed up, but there are a few months of pictures that I lost a portion of my images. I think a goal for this next year is to take more photos of us.

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One Ordinary Family said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope it was great one. I have the same problem-- lots of pics of the kids and E, not very many of all of us, or just the two of us.

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