Monday, June 11, 2012

7 Days to One- Splashing the Days Away

We visited the splash pad this evening. 
countdown to one-3.jpg
We thought for sure that our water boy would love it, but he was not a huge fan of the big kids and strong water.
  countdown to one-2.jpgcountdown to one-4.jpg
He was more interested in crawling to me.
countdown to one-5.jpgcountdown to one-6.jpgcountdown to one-7.jpg
We took him over to the beach where he had a blast. 
countdown to one-8.jpg
He crawled the entire length of the beach, and halfway back. 
countdown to one-9.jpg
I’m guessing he crawled about 1/4 mile since he did not crawl in a straight path. 
countdown to one-10.jpg
It’s amazing how he can really move!

countdown to one-11.jpgcountdown to one-13.jpg
Enjoy the last few vampire pictures.  His front tooth has finally broken through!
countdown to one-15.jpgcountdown to one-16.jpgcountdown to one-17.jpgcountdown to one-18.jpgcountdown to one-19.jpg
He would have played much longer but we could not figure out how to get him to stop eating sand.
countdown to one-14.jpg
(Dylan trying to prevent the sand from getting into his mouth.)
countdown to one-20.jpg
We let him rinse off in the splash pad a little since it was less crowded than before. 
countdown to one.jpg
He was so wiped out that he fell asleep at 9:30. I’m just hoping that he is not up for the day at 4:30.  He only needs 7 hours of sleep. In the past when he’s gone to sleep early I’ve had to get up early, and I have an 8AM workshop tomorrow.

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Jenny said...

It looks like he had a blast and what a little crawler! I cannot believe he is almost one...I think I remember you posting a picture of yourself pregnant, holding a watermelon!

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