Saturday, June 16, 2012

365 Day Photo Project

The final assignment for my creativity class is to show how I am creative.  My photography and blog are the way that I use my creativity.  Over the past year… almost… I've done a 365 day project with my son where I have taken a picture of him every single day of his life.  My project will be complete on June 18th when my baby turns one year old.  My purpose for this project was to document my son’s life and the amazing changes from a tiny 7 pound, 20 inch baby, to a 26 pound 31 inch toddler.  It is incredible to see the changes that he has made in a year.

I also wanted to use the project to work on my photography skills, and creativity.  When you take a picture of the same subject day after day creativity keeps the pictures from looking alike.  When I was on maternity leave I posted a picture for every single day, with thoughts from the day.  Once I got back to work I occasionally posted some of my favorite pictures.  For the past 30 days I have done a countdown celebrating Kyton’s bittersweet birthday.

For Kyton’s birthday party last weekend I whittled down my favorite photos from thousands, to my favorite 700 photos.  I’ll make these photos into a photographic baby book for my boy. Below I have chosen just one image to represent every month of Kyton’s life. 

countdown to one.jpgcountdown to one-2.jpgcountdown to one-3.jpgcountdown to one-4.jpgcountdown to one-5.jpgcountdown to one-6.jpgcountdown to one-7.jpgcountdown to one-8.jpgcountdown to one-9.jpgcountdown to one-10.jpg
countdown to one-11.jpgcountdown to one-12.jpgcountdown to one-13.jpg

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