Sunday, June 17, 2012

2 days to one

Ky had a fun day with his baby friends at a Birthday breakfast at Chef Mickey.  I was bummed that I had class and was going to miss it, but fortunately the air conditioning in my class was not working.  This meant that we got out early!  I’ll write more about Chef Mickey later. 

countdown to one.jpg

I came home and took a 7 hour nap!  I can honestly say that is the most time I’ve continuously slept in the past 6 months. I woke up for a few hours and got my normal night’s sleep from 2 – 6:30.  I am also done with my class, which means it’s officially summer!  I’m feeling great!   

My goals for today are to finish up a few galleries, and get the disks ready.  I also want to get a packing list ready as we will be heading north soon to photography a few wedding and see family. 


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