Tuesday, June 5, 2012

14 days to One

My mom told me today that he looks like a little boy and not a baby in his pictures. 

I think back to our lives just a year ago.  Two weeks before his birth.  I figured he’d be late, but he was not.  I hoped that he would not come before school got out for the summer.  (He waited.)  I was excited that the previous weekend multiple strangers asked me for the first time if I was pregnant.  I started wearing my maternity clothes, and about 2 weeks before his birth my dress pants became tight.

We  had no clue that we’d have a beautiful redhead or ginger as Dylan likes to call him.  We didn’t know that we’d have such a social boy who loved to be the center of attention.  We knew we’d love him a lot, and that our lives would change.  We didn’t know how amazing being Kyton’s parents would be, and how this sweet little boy would complete our lives.

countdown to one.jpg


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