Thursday, June 7, 2012

11 days to One

I’m stealing a teaching idea for tonight’s blog post. 
1 great thing about this week.
  1. Tomorrow is my last day of school with the kids! Yippee!
2 things that I’m currently frustrated about:
  1. We had an indoor picnic today due to the rain.  It also changed Ky’s normal lunch schedule since I could not leave for lunch.
  2. I am still frustrated that parents can bring their babies into school for conferences, assemblies and graduations, yet my son can’t be on campus with my husband to nurse during my break time.
3 wonderful things about my boy
  1. He could stand if he wanted to. When we hold his hand, we are not holding him up, just providing security.
  2. When I pull out the camera he smiles.  I have never asked him to smile, I actually sort of like candid shots, but he smiles anyways. 
  3. His new favorite ‘walker’ is our kitchen island.  He pushes it around the house!  (I need to get a picture of that!)
countdown to one.jpg
countdown to one-6.jpgcountdown to one-5.jpgcountdown to one-4.jpgcountdown to one-2.jpgcountdown to one-3.jpg


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