Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

1 Day to One

countdown to one-16.jpg

Around this time (11:30 PM) a year ago I told Dylan that I thought I may be in labor.  After some frantic running around by Dylan, and my help in between contractions we left the house around 12:30 AM, and arrived at the hospital at 1:15 AM.  At 3:53 Our little Kyton was born.  (You can read the whole story here.) 

countdown to one-4.jpgcountdown to one-3.jpg

He took a bath with all of his new beach toys that he got for his birthday!
countdown to one-2.jpgcountdown to one.jpg 


Happy Father’s Day

Last year we were in the hospital for Dylan’s first Father’s Day.   I told him that Kyton was his present since we did not expect Ky to arrive by father’s day.  

This year the day started with cuddles. 

countdown to one.jpg

It has been amazing to see my husband transform into a daddy.  Ky loves to play and wrestle with Dylan. He knows how to make Ky laugh, and cheer him up.  We complement each other well as parents. He’s very concerned about keeping Ky safe, and I sometimes throw caution to the wind.  He’s much better than I am at bouncing him to sleep.

Happy father’s day to my own dad. (He does not read my blog.)   He gives great advice and is extremely knowledgeable about pretty much everything. 

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Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads!

2 days to one

Ky had a fun day with his baby friends at a Birthday breakfast at Chef Mickey.  I was bummed that I had class and was going to miss it, but fortunately the air conditioning in my class was not working.  This meant that we got out early!  I’ll write more about Chef Mickey later. 

countdown to one.jpg

I came home and took a 7 hour nap!  I can honestly say that is the most time I’ve continuously slept in the past 6 months. I woke up for a few hours and got my normal night’s sleep from 2 – 6:30.  I am also done with my class, which means it’s officially summer!  I’m feeling great!   

My goals for today are to finish up a few galleries, and get the disks ready.  I also want to get a packing list ready as we will be heading north soon to photography a few wedding and see family. 


Saturday, June 16, 2012

365 Day Photo Project

The final assignment for my creativity class is to show how I am creative.  My photography and blog are the way that I use my creativity.  Over the past year… almost… I've done a 365 day project with my son where I have taken a picture of him every single day of his life.  My project will be complete on June 18th when my baby turns one year old.  My purpose for this project was to document my son’s life and the amazing changes from a tiny 7 pound, 20 inch baby, to a 26 pound 31 inch toddler.  It is incredible to see the changes that he has made in a year.

I also wanted to use the project to work on my photography skills, and creativity.  When you take a picture of the same subject day after day creativity keeps the pictures from looking alike.  When I was on maternity leave I posted a picture for every single day, with thoughts from the day.  Once I got back to work I occasionally posted some of my favorite pictures.  For the past 30 days I have done a countdown celebrating Kyton’s bittersweet birthday.

For Kyton’s birthday party last weekend I whittled down my favorite photos from thousands, to my favorite 700 photos.  I’ll make these photos into a photographic baby book for my boy. Below I have chosen just one image to represent every month of Kyton’s life. 

countdown to one.jpgcountdown to one-2.jpgcountdown to one-3.jpgcountdown to one-4.jpgcountdown to one-5.jpgcountdown to one-6.jpgcountdown to one-7.jpgcountdown to one-8.jpgcountdown to one-9.jpgcountdown to one-10.jpg
countdown to one-11.jpgcountdown to one-12.jpgcountdown to one-13.jpg

3 Days to One


This was me one year ago today, three days before Kyton’s birth.


Poor Kyton has gotten 3 new teeth in the past 2 weeks. 

countdown to one-16.jpgcountdown to one-15.jpg

The second middle tooth poked through this evening.  countdown to one-19.jpg

Ky’s not the happiest little guy when teething! 
countdown to one-18.jpg

We even took him to the doctor suspecting and ear infection, but it was just his teeth.  countdown to one-17.jpg


Friday, June 15, 2012

4 Days to One

Kyton and Dylan came along on a photo shoot. (More pictures on my face book page from the shoot.)

countdown to one.jpg

At the end of the day I was tired, but Kyton was full of energy.  Fortunately he was happy to cuddle.  This class is exhausting!countdown to one-2.jpg


Thursday, June 14, 2012

5 Days to One

Ky loves to eat anything that we have,and is rather persistent in letting us know what he wants.

countdown to one-5.jpgcountdown to one-4.jpgcountdown to one-3.jpgcountdown to one-2.jpgcountdown to one.jpg 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6 Days to One

It rained today just as we were heading out for our walk.  After the rain Dylan mowed the grass, and I let Kyton get dirty in the freshly cut grass.  I was watching Ky though, so there are no pictures. 

countdown to one.jpgcountdown to one-2.jpg

countdown to one-4.jpgcountdown to one-3.jpg 

I have class all week, but my summer starts Saturday at 5:00 PM.  I can’t wait!


Monday, June 11, 2012

7 Days to One- Splashing the Days Away

We visited the splash pad this evening. 
countdown to one-3.jpg
We thought for sure that our water boy would love it, but he was not a huge fan of the big kids and strong water.
  countdown to one-2.jpgcountdown to one-4.jpg
He was more interested in crawling to me.
countdown to one-5.jpgcountdown to one-6.jpgcountdown to one-7.jpg
We took him over to the beach where he had a blast. 
countdown to one-8.jpg
He crawled the entire length of the beach, and halfway back. 
countdown to one-9.jpg
I’m guessing he crawled about 1/4 mile since he did not crawl in a straight path. 
countdown to one-10.jpg
It’s amazing how he can really move!

countdown to one-11.jpgcountdown to one-13.jpg
Enjoy the last few vampire pictures.  His front tooth has finally broken through!
countdown to one-15.jpgcountdown to one-16.jpgcountdown to one-17.jpgcountdown to one-18.jpgcountdown to one-19.jpg
He would have played much longer but we could not figure out how to get him to stop eating sand.
countdown to one-14.jpg
(Dylan trying to prevent the sand from getting into his mouth.)
countdown to one-20.jpg
We let him rinse off in the splash pad a little since it was less crowded than before. 
countdown to one.jpg
He was so wiped out that he fell asleep at 9:30. I’m just hoping that he is not up for the day at 4:30.  He only needs 7 hours of sleep. In the past when he’s gone to sleep early I’ve had to get up early, and I have an 8AM workshop tomorrow.

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