Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our trip to Clearwater

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This is Dylan, guest blogging again. We went to Clearwater Beach this Memorial Day and met a friend and her family from one of Carly's 'Mom's' groups.
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A tropical storm had been going through Florida this weekend and we thought we might get rained out, but went anyway and it turned out to be a gorgeous (and dry) day!
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Kyton seems to love the beach, he crawled around the dry sand away from the water, along the wet sand just to where the tide came up, and played with a shovel and buckets all afternoon.
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Happily crawling away...
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We were always there spotting him when he was down by the tide. The current was strong that day and could have swept our baby boy right up!
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He had a bit of a mohawk going on.
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We hope you have enjoyed our post!
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EMily said...

Love that hair!!

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