Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Swing

How about that crazy hair?

first Swing-25.jpgfirst Swing-17.jpg

We are so lucky to have a community park just a few blocks from our house.  Sometimes we’ll take Ky to swing.  As you can see he LOVES to swing!
first Swing-20.jpgfirst Swing-15.jpgfirst Swing-27.jpgfirst Swing-26.jpgfirst Swing-24.jpgfirst Swing-23.jpgfirst Swing-21.jpg

first Swing-19.jpgfirst Swing-14.jpgfirst Swing-16.jpg
first Swing-13.jpgfirst Swing-11.jpgfirst Swing-10.jpgfirst Swing-9.jpgfirst Swing-8.jpgfirst Swing-7.jpgfirst Swing-6.jpgfirst Swing-5.jpgfirst Swing-4.jpg


Jill (Lady Lazarus) said...

That first picture of him is adorable!!!

Christina said...

I love these photos! He clearly had a blast swinging!

Anonymous said...

OMG! So cute! My daughter has always like the swing. We would put her in it since she could sit on her own and today at age 2 the swing is her favorite thing!

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