Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Drummer Kyton

Kyton would spend hours a day in front of the drum set if we would let him.
drumer Ky-14.jpg
As a small baby, one way to calm him down was for Dylan to give a concert on the drums.

drumer Ky-13.jpgdrumer Ky-12.jpg
A few months ago he would drop his sticks after a few minutes, giving us an easy end to the session.
drumer Ky-11.jpg
Now we have to pry the sticks out of his hands after 30 minutes on the kit.

drumer Ky-9.jpgdrumer Ky-8.jpg

He hits all of the drums, and even the cymbals and cowbell.
drumer Ky-7.jpgdrumer Ky-6.jpg
He's learned to be dramatic and use big strokes.
drumer Ky-5.jpg

The only drum like toy he has are the boom-whackers.  He likes the real stuff.
drumer Ky-4.jpg
Dylan has tried putting drums on the ground for him to play, but he likes the whole drum set.
drumer Ky-3.jpg

I adore the accomplished look on his face!
drumer Ky-2.jpg

1 comment:

Katy said...

He's so intense! Needs more cowbell! ;)

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